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with the important trends of social media, and in response to Twitter, I now offer ‘Litter’.  140 characters or less (or more), addressing pertinent issues of the moment.  Specializing in celebrity, politics, religion, social ideology, and other popular hobbies).


Regarding differences between any two people:

It's not that we necessarily see things differently.

It's that we see different things.


Death will come eventually.

I just hope it doesn't happen in my lifetime.


Life unfolds for us

not in our time,

but in its own.


It doesn’t matter who you are,

or where you're going.

It matters how you are along the way,

and who you are when you get there.


We don't necessarily see things how they are.

We usually tend to see things how we are.



In solidarity with Jay-Z, I have decided that

I will not be performing at halftime of the Super Bowl this year either.  


What we’re filled with

is what spills out when we’re tilted.


Simple Music History Lesson

Ugly people used to make beautiful music
Now beautiful people make ugly music.


A woman, Emma Knyckare, is planning, a rock music festival for women only.
It’s called the ‘Statement Festival’.

She also suggested that men should be barred from all music festivals until they ‘learn how to behave’.   The festival (and Ms. Knyckare) have come under fire by many people suggesting it is discriminatory against transgender people. 

Oh, but evidently it’s not discriminatory against men.

And we’re supposed to take this modern day social engineering movement seriously?   

How ‘bout we all take a deep breath, think an intelligent thought of our own for a change,

and stop listening to the idiot mouthpieces that want us to be just as reactionary as they are?


It seems that once upon a time

people actually liked to live.

Today, it seems as if people

just live for 'likes'.



What you don't hear

in between what you do hear

is what you should hear.


I enjoy talking to you.

Your mind appeals to me.

It resembles my own mind,

except that you happen to be insane.

- George Orwell


I am fond of pigs.

Dogs look up to us.

Cats look down on us.

Pigs treat us as equals.

-Winston Churchill


It's been said that there are two kinds of people.

Those chasing pleasure,
and those running from pain.

But I believe that there is actually a third.

Those running from pleasure because their pain has convinced them
that they do not deserve to have pleasure.


There's always a lot of talk about 'healing the earth, healing the planet' etc. 

Well, who doesn't want our earth to be healthy? But I'm suggesting that if we paid a little more attention to healing ourselves, and one another, we might find that the earth has a way of healing itself.  


We used to love people, and use things.
But, unfortunately, now we seem to love things, and use people.


A transgender individual (male to female) is now playing on the Santa Clara, CA Mission College womens basketball team.  The 50-year old, 6’6”, 220 lb. Gabriella Ludwig has been getting a lot of heat, and a lot of ridicule for being on the team; almost all of it is gender related.  She says she is, ‘Fulfilling a dream.  I got exactly what I always wanted,” she said, “Just to fit in and be normal like everybody else.”

Well, Ms. Ludwig, setting your transgenderness aside for a moment, I just want to say there’s a bigger issue here.  You’re not just like everybody else.  You’re 50 years old.  And you’re preventing some 18-year old girl from fulfilling her dream of playing basketball on her Mission College basketball team by taking her place on the roster. 

How bout getting your head out of your gender issue for a minute, and back to some semblance of reality.  

Life is not all about you.


The light is getting brighter in the world today.

But let’s not be fooled.

It has less to do with the self-professed enlightened ones,

as with the fact that the dark is getting darker in the world today.

It is an eternal actuality that where darkness dwells the light shines brightest.


Fundamentalism of any persuasion:  a culture that wraps its arms around the unknowing, and squeezes them into all sorts of malformations.

Then squeezes them permanently into place.


We hear enough garbage, and salacious reporting about rock stars and celebrities to keep us in the know about more than we ever even wanted to know.

But I want to give some ‘big ups’ to Kid Rock.  Not only has he made it his mission to help rebuild the decimated, and largely abandoned City of Detroit, but he’s also been working with ‘Operation Finally Home’, a group dedicated to providing homes for wounded veterans returning from battle.  He is giving his time, and his resources, to the effort.

Thanks, Kid Rock, for your continuing contribution to the lives and wellbeing of your brothers and sisters.  And for the example you set for the rest of us.


Now some scientists are saying that dinosaur gas, and burping, contributed significantly to global warming back about 200 million years ago.

But wait, wasn’t that about the same time that politicians first appeared on the scene?

And exactly how are scientists able to differentiate between the flatulent expressions of dinosaurs and those of the politicians?


The question has been asked, “Is it better to write for yourself and lose your audience,
or write for your audience and lose yourself?”

But I say it’s better just to write what you have to say, and not worry about the motivation.


Some people have been known to fake their own deaths.

But, some people fake their own lives.



The tax debate is always focused on income taxes, but the truth is that Americans pay dozens of other taxes every single year.  The following are just a few of the taxes that many Americans pay….

#1 Building Permit Taxes
#2 Capital Gains Taxes
#3 Cigarette Taxes
#4 Court Fines (indirect taxes)
#5 Dog License Taxes
#6 Federal Unemployment Taxes
#7 Fishing License Taxes
#8 Food License Taxes
#9 Gasoline Taxes
#10 Gift Taxes
#11 Hunting License Taxes
#12 Inheritance Taxes
#13 Inventory Taxes
#14 IRS Interest Charges (tax on top of tax)
#15 IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)
#16 Liquor Taxes
#17 Luxury Taxes
#18 Marriage License Taxes
#19 Medicare Taxes
#20 Property Taxes
#21 Recreational Vehicle Taxes
#22 Toll Booth Taxes
#23 Sales Taxes
#24 Self-Employment Taxes
#25 School Taxes
#26 Septic Permit Taxes
#27 Service Charge Taxes
#28 Social Security Taxes
#29 State Unemployment Taxes (SUTA)
#30 Telephone Federal Excise Taxes
#31 Telephone Federal Universal Service Fee Taxes
#32 Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Taxes
#33 Telephone State And Local Taxes
#34 Tire Taxes
#35 Toll Bridge Taxes
#36 Toll Tunnel Taxes
#37 Traffic Fines (indirect taxation)
#38 Utility Taxes
#39 Vehicle License Registration Taxes
#40 Vehicle Sales Taxes
#41 Workers Compensation Taxes.

When you account for all forms of taxation on the federal, state and local levels there are many Americans that pay out more than half of their income in taxes.

We are being taxed into oblivion, and yet most Americans do not even realize that it is happening.

It is kind of like being killed by thousands of tiny cuts.


Did you know that there are 249 millionaires in Congress, the overwhelming majority of them being multi-millionaires?  That’s 47% of Congress, compared to 1% of the American population.

Oh, and you can be assured, they were not all millionaires before landing in their cushy Congressional seats.



Sarah Silverman, one of the nastiest, most obviously self-loathing, and disrespectful comediennes on the planet, recently tweeted supposed ‘before and after abortion’ photo’s of herself.

Well, it always makes me sad to hear of someone having an abortion because I think there are more gracious alternatives that do not sacrifice the child, or do life-long psychic/spiritual damage to the woman.   Adoption being one of them.

However, I must admit that before realizing it was just one of Ms. Silverman’s tasteless political stunts, my honest, and immediate, first impression was ‘At least this child will not have to be raised by Sarah Silverman’.


The Beatles sang, “Turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream.”

That’s OK at times, but I say, “Engage your mind, get up, and find your way.”

Perhaps we need a little of each, but the latter should probably precede the former.


I find it interesting that, according to my web stats, someone did a Google search for Denes McIntosh Obituary.

So unnecessary.

I promise I’ll post news of my demise just as soon as it occurs.


“Enjoy the little things in life.

One day you’ll appreciate that they are actually the big things.”

-Author unknown


I wasn’t going to say anything about Alicia Silverstone chewing her little boy, Bear Blu’s, food for him, and then spitting it into his mouth, but, well, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . those celebrity children, they’re just so special.

Unlike yours and mine.

And the celebrities themselves, well, they’re just such well-balanced individuals.


Life seems to fill in for us in places that’d remain empty if it didn’t step in on its own sometimes.


As human beings we’ve become particularly inclined (driven really) to seek love for ourselves, when, in fact, we are much better served to be seeking ways that we can love others.


In mentally reviewing some of the pernicious politics that have been going on on both sides of the proverbial aisle, it is not difficult to conclude that if it were not for double standards some politicians would have no standards at all.


Once in a while it’s good to just sit down on the porch and listen to the wisdom in your own bones.

That’s where the genetic wisdom of the ages is known to have been found.


Sometimes life plays cards for us that we didn’t even know we had in our hands.

As if someone’s looking after us.


If you’re not sure you can do justice to the clothes that have become you . . . . .

trust the tailor who cut the cloth.


It occurs to me that our culture puts a big emphasis on each of us learning to practice tolerance.

However, to me, tolerance implies that we do not really accept someone for who they are, but do our best to pretend that we do.

Instead, I think that we should all learn to practice kindness.  Kindness would make tolerance irrelevant.


Reality is not only stranger than you think, it’s stranger than you’re even able to think.


Cindy Sheehan, the celebrated anti-war activist is back in the news.  As you might remember, she began protesting the Iraqi war a few years ago after her son, Casey, was killed.  She showed up at Congress, camped out for months near George Bushes ranch in Crawford, Texas, and has been at the forefront of many protest gatherings and demonstrations throughout the years.

Personally, I am anti-war in theory, but I am also pro ‘defense of freedom’, whatever it takes.

Sometimes our ideology conflicts with itself and we have to make hard choices.

Now, I’ve heard Ms. Sheehan interviewed many times, and have never really considered her to be one of the sharpest tools in the shed, but I’ve always recognized that her words have been born out of anger, and grief.  I have always admired her courage, her self-sacrifice, and her willingness to put herself on the line for the principles she believes in.

Today she is being investigated, and harassed, by the IRS for not paying her taxes.  She is refusing to answer questions concerning her finances.  She says, “When you give me my son back, I’ll give you your taxes.”

I think that to be a very reasonable conclusion on her part.

Currently, 50% of the American people pay no taxes.  Of that 50%, a great percentage of them are manipulating the system and riding on the backs of the rest of us.  I do not believe that anyone who has lost a son or daughter, a father or mother, or a brother or sister in service to their country should ever have to pay another dime in taxes.  They have already paid the ultimate price for the rest of us.

Take a moment to read my blog, “No Taxes On Families Of The Fallen”.  You’ll find it on the Coyote Tracks index under ‘2007’, dated May 10th.


Some students at ASU have launched a website (www.clearmyguilt.com) to enable people to anonymously confess their sins online in the hopes of ridding themselves of the accompanying, and debilitating, guilt.

Not to get all religious on you, but my thoughts on that are threefold:

1) I’m glad to finally see somebody in today’s world with the courage to call sin what it actually is . . . . . . . Sin.

2) I like the idea of confession to ‘clear one’s guilt’, but the actual purpose of confession is to be a springboard to changing one’s behavior.  The ensuing change of behavior, and its accompanying forgiveness, is what actually ‘clears one’s guilt’.  Repentance is the active element in forgiveness.  To ‘repent’ is defined as, “To recognize the wrong in something you have done, and be sorry about it.  To feel regret about a sin or past actions, and change your ways or habits.”    

3) Although the idea of confessing one’s sins anonymously, and in a public arena, can be a good step on the path to forgiveness because it accommodates one’s self-recognized need for change, each of us already has a direct line of communication with God, and we can speak to Him directly, thereby eliminating the need for a website such as, www.clearmyguilt.com

Nevertheless, I think the website is a good first step for those not yet ready to recognize the existence of God.

I hope I haven’t lost you.


When the media glorifies, and even deifies, some celebrity train wreck as if they were heroic for their ‘struggle’, and ignores the sacrifice and courage of truly heroic people, what motivation are we offering the young people of our culture, other than to rise, themselves, to the level of a train wreck?


The hysteria over the death of Whitney Houston still continues:

Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey ordered flags in his state to be flown at half-mast in honor of the dead singer.

Well, I do not want to denigrate Ms. Houston, especially not in death, but she did not serve, or die, for any heroic cause.  In fact, she did not even have the courage to live for her eighteen-year old daughter.  I understand that Whitney had her pain, but a hero?  Essentially, she sang some songs and eventually died of her own self-indulgence.  God rest her soul.

I wonder how the families of soldiers who actually fought and died for a cause greater than themselves feel about Ms. Houston sharing such a sacred honor.

We’re never really going to get things right, are we?

We’re just too damn enamored of celebrity.


I don’t care if the President is a democrat, a republican, an independent, or a Roswell alien, I find it a little sleazy for him to be hobnobbing with the Hollywood rif-raf at $35,000 a head for the pleasure of his company, raising money to subvert the will of about half of the American population.  It’s a pretty flawed system that allows the sitting president, on our dime, and who is supposed to be working for all of us, to sell his time to the wealthy so that he can defeat any challenge to his power.

It seems to me that a sitting president, any president, should be re-elected on the basis of his record, and not on the power of the financial war chest he is able to extort from his ‘friends’.


Oh how we love our dead celebrities. We say, “If she only would have . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , “  Well, never mind. Whitney, you’ll be remembered for your talent long after we’ve forgotten about your painful and perilous life.   You’ve got a clean slate now.  Let’s hope you get it right next time around.  Thanks for the songs.


Every once in a while I forget what I’m supposed to remember to do

every once in a while.


We can’t believe everything we read on the internet.

What we really need is a website that tells us what we can believe,

and what we can’t, on the other websites.



She did a Google search on herself, and discovered she didn’t exist.



“We are buried beneath the weight of information, which is being confused with knowledge;

quantity is being confused with abundance, and wealth with happiness.”

-Tom Waits


Take time to make time to have time to live.


First rule of getting by in a self righteous, pseudo-spiritual, and politically correct environment:

‘Never express a reasoned opinion about anything that would contradict the prevailing mass hysteria’.

It would be anathema to the belief system of those unwilling, or unable, to engage in intelligent discourse.


Bear in mind that things get difficult at times because of love.

Indifference comes easy.


Computer viruses.  They scare us.
They make us buy all kinds of anti-virus stuff.
Maybe that’s the real virus.


The Theft Of Our Equilibrium.

CNN lecturing us in the bank.

Fox News preaching to us in the barber shop.

ESPN screaming in the local pizza joint.

PBS pontificating in the urban café.

Every moment of our day

some media bandit trying to steal our peace.


I’m so far left of center that in many eyes I actually appear to be

comfortably positioned on the right.

Proof that the world really is round.


If there’s life after death is there death after after-life?

And if so, where do the dead go then?


“We look into deep space and find extremity.

We look into a microscope and find extremity.

And we find ourselves comfortably embedded in the middle.”

How beautiful, how remarkable, and how wonderful,

Go figure.

(From the film ‘Griff the Invisible’).


Sometimes an angel might look like some old guy living under a bridge.

Be careful who you deem to be undesirable, you could be shunning a messenger of God.

Sometimes evil might look like a saint.

Be careful who you embrace, it could be the devils envoy.

Things are not always what they seem.


“My father taught me that our past mistakes should be stepping stones,

rather than a hitching post.”



Dignity is inherent in a dignified life.

Dishonor needs to be earned.


Well, we’ve seen on the news that many people have gone nuts over the day after Thanksgiving sales.

I think it’s being called ‘Black Friday’.

There have been reports of shoppers camping out all night in line, then all hell breaking loose inside in the morning.

Guns, pepper spray, pushing and shoving, and fists flying just to get that last pair of Victoria Secret yoga pants, or that two dollar toaster.

Give thanks yesterday.  And get what you can by any means necessary today.

Is nobody even embarrassed anymore?



Thanksgiving: November 24th.
I’m thankful for this particular day.  Not because it’s a day in which the profession of thanks is to be expected, but because it’s another day on the calendar, a day, as it were, that I have been given to live.

There are a lot of people who were alive yesterday who will not be living today.

I just hope they took the time to be thankful for the 23nd  of November, and were not waiting for Thanksgiving day to appreciate what they’d been given.


The only thing standing between life and death is our ability to breathe.

The only thing inhibiting our ability to breathe is being trapped in the narrow space that lies between life and death.   


Never have I seen a headline that more clearly points out where our fawning interest in Hollywood has taken us.

“Warren Beatty’s transgender son, Stephen, brands Chaz Bono a misogynist.”

Stephen describes himself as 'a gay trans man, a white anti-racist, a feminist, and a poet.'

Now my question is, “Has the ‘white male guilt’ propaganda machine really brought us to the point where a gender confused individual such as Stephen feels compelled to describe himself as a ‘white anti-racist feminist’?”

Laughable, if not so sad.


The definition of ‘Objectivity’ in today’s world:

The art of seeing one’s own perspective,

and concluding that it is the only one worth considering.


It’s no secret that, since the advent of credit cards, every credit card company has, in one way or another, been

promoting their particular card as ‘your ticket to freedom’.

However, until Chase, none of the other credit card companies have had the chutzpah to actually issue a ‘Freedom’ card.

Their new Freedom Card has now made it possible for us to not only have everything that we like, but to be free from everything that we don’t like as well.

Everything that is, except indebtedness to Chase Manhattan Bank.

“Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.”

-Kris Kristofferson


I just want to give a long overdue shout-out to Russia.

Of the 35-40 countries who regularly read my writings,

readers from the Russian Federation consistently outnumber every other country but the U.S.

So, if I knew how to shout in Russian, I would.

Thanks folks, for your interest in what I have to say.

I hope it helps sometimes.


Life is hard work until you find your life’s work.



Bob Dylan said, “Love is just a four-letter word”.

Yeah, but it’s the only four-letter word worth discussing.


Any day now the population of the world will reach 7 Billion people.

Looks like we’re going to need more parking spaces.

“Pave paradise, put up a parking lot.”

-Joni Mitchell


Sean Penn says the Tea Party wants to lynch Obama.

Well, I think Sean-boy counts his money and equates the number of dollars he has in the bank

with the actual number of brain cells he has left in his foggy little noggin.

Somebody ought to inform that petulant adolescent that, in fact, he’s got way too much of the former, and not nearly enough of the latter.

Hey Sean, if you’d just not speak you might actually be mistaken for intelligent, or relevant.


‘Enzymatic deficiency’.

I just like the way it sounds.


Not to get all political on you, or anything, but have you noticed the proposed swap of prisoners

that is being considered between Israel and the Palestinians?

According to the deal, Hamas would release one Israeli soldier in exchange for 1,027 Palestinian prisoners.

Sounds like the equitable kind of deal that the U.N. would slobber all over themselves to approve.


As a solution to the unemployment problem in the U.S., Jesse Jackson Jr., a Democratic Congressman from Illinois, has proposed that the Federal Government hire all 15 million of the Americans who are currently without jobs.

At $40,000 per year, no less.   Like the government is an independently wealthy benefactor, or something.

But, putting this typical insanity aside for a moment, I wonder if that would include hiring Jackson’s father, the irrepressible reverend Jesse Jackson.  I can’t recall that Jesse has ever had a job.

As far as I know he’s always lived off the millions of dollars he’s extorted from American corporations who fear that the reverend would label them as racist if they did not contribute to him, or his ‘rainbow’ coalition.

But what do I know about that?


Well, New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg has been talking about forcing the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protestors to temporarily leave the park they’ve been holding hostage for over three weeks.  He said that ‘because of grave sanitation concerns’ he wants to send in the cleaning crews to clean up after the occupiers.  He also said that after the cleaning is complete protestors will be allowed to return to the park.

Brookfield Properties, the owner of the park, said they have received hundreds of phone calls and emails complaining about ‘lewdness, groping, drinking and drug use, ongoing noise at all hours, unsanitary conditions, and offensive odors.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this a pretty good description of your average teen-agers room?

And isn’t Mayor Bloomberg’s action the equivalent of cleaning the kid’s room for him, and then expecting him to respect the space?


As you’ve probably already read, or seen on the ‘news’, Brandon Kelly, of Petaluma, California was arrested at a recent golf match for disturbing the peace.  His crime was that he threw a hot dog on the putting green in front of Tiger Woods.

When asked why he threw the hot dog, he said “After watching the movie, ‘Drive’, he felt inspired to do something courageous and epic”.

Courageous and Epic?

I have to ask myself, “Who else among us could ever hope to rise to that epic level of courage?”


People today are being conditioned to follow.  Twitter supports, and encourages, that by our ability, and inclination, to follow other people through their tweets.  I believe we are becoming a nation of followers.  It does not bode well for us as a people.  Followers are being used, they always have been.  If you know any history, you know that to be true.  We follow celebrities and politicians.  Makes us feel like we know them.

As if we actually mean anything to them.

If you’ve got to follow somebody, follow somebody you can respect.

Or, I’ve got another idea.  Be somebody others can respect, and lead somebody, rather than following them.

What if we had a nation of actual leaders?
People who could be trusted.


“Save some time to dream, cause your dream might save us all.”  John Mellencamp


I spent some time in Turkey many years ago.

While there, I was fascinated by the people taking poultry to market on the old rickety buses that they had to ride.

They were called ‘dust buses’, for obvious reasons.

Anyway, the people would carry the chickens in their arms, and even set them on the seats next to each other.

The chickens never squawked, moved around, or created any kind of ruckus, as poultry are always quite prone to do.

My curiosity got the best of me, and I finally inquired as to why the chickens were so quiet, so complacent.

I was told that they were hypnotized, and some of the people showed me how they actually do it.

Well, as it turns out, they tuck the bird’s head under its wing, and holding the chicken out away from their own body

they gently sway it back and forth in the air a couple of times.

The chicken falls under a spell and is good to go on the bus.

I learned to do it myself, and had a lot of fun showing kids how to do it when I had my own chickens.

The forthcoming Presidential election will shape up to be the most important election of our lifetimes (yeah, I know, they all are).

I just hope that people will recognize that the silver-tongued hypnotist has done a masterful job of preparing us all to ride the dust bus.

And I hope that this time around, we’ll get our heads out from under our wings.


I saw a movie recently called '127 Hours'.

It was about Aron Ralston, a hiker/rock climber who got his arm caught between an 800 pound rock, and a sheer canyon wall.  He was trapped alone for five days.

Cold, and isolated, with no hope of rescue, he ran out of water, had to drink his own urine, and knew that if he didn't take some drastic action
he was, most assuredly, going to die.

Mr. Ralston cut off his own arm with a pocket knife.  And he survived.


Regarding Facebook, and the whole ‘friending’ phenomena; there’s a bit of kitchen wisdom that has endured over eons of time, but which has become increasingly convenient to ignore.

It says, quite simply,  “Better choose your friends carefully.

You’ll be known by the company you keep.”


I find it interesting how one political party characterizes the bills, pork, or amendments, that are introduced for legislation by the other party as ‘special’ interests, but always consider their own bills, pork, or amendments, to be ‘necessary’ interests.

Why don’t both parties just get honest and call everything they introduce what it actually is, ‘necessary special interests’?

Necessary for me, and special to my own interests.     


“A house without love is just a house, a house where nobody lives”.

-Tom Waits


Ever notice how some women today, and particularly young women, respond to men now, and to cameras, with an open mouth instead of a smile?

Of course you have, but maybe it has yet to register consciously for you.  Well, it will now.

They open their mouths pretty much on cue, like baby birds being fed by their mother, or like they’re posing for porn, or something.

A wide-open mouth has become the standard response for just about any emotion for any situation  (humor, joy, excitement, surprise, pleasure, etc.); or to ingratiate oneself with a friend, or even a stranger.

I’ve noticed this trend for about the past five years.  Watch the commercials.  Watch the women on just about any TV program.

Watch how some women conduct themselves in real-life social situations.
But, of course, we don’t really become the images that the media, and the porn industry, (same difference) bombard us with now, do we?   

The open mouth is, today, what a smile actually used to be.

And I just want to say that I liked it better when women used to offer a smile rather than a receptacle.     

Sorry, but I’m just reporting what I see.


United Nations?  Please!

Name me one Nation in the world that is even united internally (let alone united with another country), and I’ll Name you 195 Countries in the world that are not.

The United Nations just collects fees from 192 of those 195 countries (their citizens, really) for the ‘privilege’ of being told what to do by a self-sanctioned political crime syndicate.

Some people would call that a shakedown, or a protection buying, and influence pedaling, racket.

It’s time we canceled our ‘membership’ in this obscenely corrupt organization, and get the damn crooks out of our Country.


An Ohio man was arrested on public indecency charges after cops caught him having sex with an inflatable raft, police said.  Yes, the object of his affection was an inflatable raft, and the passion took place in an alley in the town of Hamilton, near Cincinnati.

Now, obviously the man has an unusual sexual proclivity, and because he was not behind closed doors maybe he should have been arrested, but since he wasn’t hurting anyone, my question is, “Why do the police, and the local newspaper, feel compelled to publish the mans name in the paper, thereby assuring his community-wide embarrassment, the possible loss of his job, and most likely inducing unwarranted shame on him by his family and friends?

My guess is we’ll probably read about the poor guys suicide before too long.

How bout somebody getting the guy some help with his impulse control, rather than exploiting his sad compulsion just to sell a few newspapers.  I mean, it’s not like he had sex with the inflatable raft against its will, or anything like that.

Besides, it was an old raft, well past the age of consent.


Good character has never had a reason to hide.  It must reveal itself.  It has no other choice.

On the other hand, questionable character used to hide itself in the light of day, revealing itself only in the shadows.

But it’s not like that any more.  It no longer fears examination.

There are no consequences now.  There are only rewards, given liberally by those who, with equally deplorable character, wish to also be exalted.


As you’ve no doubt read, or at least heard somewhere,

“What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul?”

Well, I know some who’ve lost their soul, and haven’t got a thing to show for it in return.

So, that being said, it doesn’t even make sense from a business perspective..


OK, the following is not crap about women, it is crap about a particular woman.    

-Channel surfing for awhile yesterday  I noticed the 55-year-old Ellen DeGeneres is still doing her best Justin Bieber imitation.  What’s that say about her estrogen raging audience who are wetting their panties over a middle-aged lesbian sideshow shimmying around in front of them.  But then again, 300 delirious adult ‘woohoo’s’ engaged in a little public foreplay, hoping it will give meaning to their lives, can’t all be wrong, can they?


Whatever happened to the popular greeting “How ya doin’?”

Seems it’s gradually been replaced by “Hey!”

No one really cares ‘how you’re doin’ anymore (not that they ever did).

Haven’t got time for that.

And I don’t really care that the colloquialism has all but disappeared from our vernacular.  I always thought “How ya doin’? was a bit too familiar, and too presumptuous, anyway.

‘Hey’ seems more honest, and more in keeping with people’s increasing need for disassociation. 

But, I must admit, I’m partial to “Hello”.          


If yesterday was a bad dream be glad it’s over.

If yesterday was just OK, at least it wasn’t a bad dream.

And if yesterday was good, well, just be thankful for that.


Today is like the last day of your life.  Well, it’s not actually ‘like’ the last day of your life, it ‘is’ the last day of your life.  Unless you’re given another one to live tomorrow.    And you won’t really know about that until then.


As you know, Polygamist profit (oh, sorry, ‘Prophet’) Warren Jeffs is on trial in Texas for rape of a twelve year old girl, and other charges.  All in the name of Jesus, and with the blessing of the parents.  He is certainly not the first religious ‘leader’ to manipulate a congregation of blind devotees.    I’m thinking that Jesus would probably have killed himself at a very early age if he had known that so many people would exploit his good name in pursuit of their own evil intents.    


What if everybody made a personal commitment to become a better person today than they were yesterday, and a better person tomorrow than they were today?  How’d that be for a world we could all function well in?


Amy Winehouse.  A personal tragedy that even the blind could see coming, but that no one was able, or willing, as it were, to stop.  What is it about rock stars, and the age of 27?  Here’s a very partial list of famous musicians who died at 27.  Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Brian Jones (Rolling Stones), Robert Johnson, Jim Morrison (Doors), Ron ‘Pigpen’ McKeman (Grateful Dead), Kurt Cobain (Nirvana).  There are many more.


Can we just withhold our adulation of musicians, actors, and other artists until they are emotionally mature enough to deal with it?  Maybe that won’t be until age 40, I don’t know.  But is anybody else, besides me, tired of worshipping these young people to death?


Singer/songwriter Tom Waits.  If you don’t know him already, better check him out.  His early stuff, as well as his most recent.  An amazing collection of work, spanning 37 years, from his first commercial album, “Closing Time”, to his most recent, “Glitter and Doom Live”, with 21 others in between.  An artist willing to express his own demons, as well as the greater human condition. Never adverse to taking musical risks.

Personally, I believe Tom Waits to be America’s greatest living artist.


But then again, for those of you who might not like his style, there’s always  Lady Blah Blah, the narcissistic disco queen who never knew a body part she wasn’t hoping to show you, or try and shock you with.

But, otherwise very talented.  I must admit.


Politricks is in full bloom these days.  The posturing is beginning to look like an episode of The Bachelor, where every player is Anthony Weiner.


I noticed that the British Royal Couple has made Los Angeles’ Skid Row one of their vacation destinations.

Curious to see how the ‘other’ people live?

Or wanting to bring attention to the plight of the homeless?

I don’t know.

But I do know that there are plenty of homeless in their own country.

Why would they want to specifically highlight ours?


I often think I should stop writing, and just leave the world alone for awhile.  But then I remember that the world is not doing so well on it’s own.


It takes strength to be strong.

And strength comes with repetition.  Whether it be physical, mental, psychic, or spiritual.  The same goes for the development of good character, or good habits.  It requires a repetition of right choices.

But you already know that.


I must not have received the compliance gene because I won't be getting in line at the slaughterhouse.  I'd rather starve to death on the free range than bleed to death at the hands of the social engineers.  We make our own choices.      


“God must have been sleeping when the devil made the world.”

Tom Waits.


The triviality of truth has become the celebration of deceit.  Something we can all be proud of.


Casey Anthony acquitted.  With no digital video of the crime, there could be no posting of it on YouTube.  And if it’s not on YouTube it never happened.  There you have it, . . . . . . . . reasonable doubt.